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Buy House MD DVD Season 8 - 35%OFF

Da… da… Doctor House MD in the House – the DVD of season 8 has been released and season 1; season 2; season 3; season 4; season 5; season 6; season 7 and season 8 of Dr House MD are now on special also. In the House MD show Hugh Laurie leads David Shore, Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer as the characters: Gregory House, Lisa Cuddy, James Wilson, Eric Foreman, Allison Cameron and Robert Chase. Dr House MD is a radical but genius Doctor who with his team responds to cases too complicated for other individual doctors to handle. The setting is Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, located in New Jersey.

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The TV House MD DVD is available in season 1 to 8. In House md season 1 dvd a recurring truth that is presented on the House DVD is that ‘everybody lies.’ Dr. House MD says this regularly and is often proven true. Be it through insights gained by breaking into the patient’s house while they are temporarily homeless in the hospital or radical treatments that help each episode move from one diagnosis to often the third diagnosis before the truth is revealed and the lie uncovered.

House md season 2 dvd references clinic duty as a requirement for Dr House MD often providing humorous breaks to otherwise horrible suffering endured by his primary cases. Sometimes clinic duty provides House M.D. with time to think or some provocation to insight into how to proceed with his primary case.

House md season 3 dvd highlights part of the TV character of Dr House MD is his own addiction to Vicodin a painkiller he uses to cope with his leg injury, which plays out thematically through his character’s coping skills and avoidance of intimacy through escapism. It seems he can not find a sense of home or safety in the presence of another, nor does he want to.

Lupus is one condition House invariably is least likely to diagnose, interestingly the method he leads his team through of examining differential diagnosis is always interesting, and at no time can they seek shelter from his personality. House md season 4 dvd moves away from this finally.

While Wilson is House MD's closest friend, the other relationships with his long suffering staff make the story of House MD.