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Homeless people share their life stories: Rebecca, Andrew, Elle, Melissa and sk8r rat.

Rebeccas Community

Rebeccas Community

Rebeccas Community is a community group whose staff and volunteers work with people who experience homelessness in Sydney, Australia.

One of the most famous homeless people (internationally), is 'The Homeless Guy,' as he calls himself. Kevin lives in Nashville and recently had this to say (on his website) about homelessness:

"The only thing that motivates a homeless person to leave homelessness is a renewed belief that he/she is truly welcomed by society, and that a real place of significance and dignity awaits them once they leave homelessness.

And, I must tell you, these things only come by way of real community - people honestly and sincerely involving themselves in the life of the homeless person, not just for the journey out of homelessness, but also for the life of the homeless person long after they've left homelessness.

If you are not willing to be a homeless person's friend, then who will? Where does a homeless person belong? With you? If not, then where?"

We agree. Our approach is one of journeying with homeless people as friends, now and as far into their future as is possible. The relationship is the outcome.

Our programs include: Hospitality House, Street Outreach, Street Retreats and Schoolies Week Support Service.

Rebecca's Story

What is so special about a homeless girl that she gets an organisation named after her? Read Rebecca's Story as told by Rebecca!


Rebeccas Community is currently advertising for volunteers aged between 18 and 35 to assist in our Sydney based Street Outreach Program.