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Therapy Dog

Jazmin is a Labrador puppy in training with Rebeccas Community to work alongside staff and volunteers on the streets of Sydney.

Please read Jazmin's Story

"You will never get a Labrador puppy donated - they are worth too much!" A Labrador puppy was the ideal breed for our kind of work - friendly, smart and highly trainable. We were doubtful that we would find someone generous enough to donate one but you wouldn't believe our luck! Pictured left are the wonderful labrador dog breeders who donated Jazmin to work with us on the streets. If you would like their contact details email dominic.mapstone*@* (don't include the *) and I will pass them on.
Those dogs who do the toilet paper commercials don't know anything about hard work - but I sure wouldn't mind their pay.
I'm not cute - I'm tough, I work on the streets baby, stop calling me cute.
Time for a nap in the arms of a volunteer during the graveyard shift at Schoolies.
I'll pass out anywhere and anytime I feel like it. You guys just keep on working... it won't bother me really!
Day 1: now there is a puppy to juggle and factor in. Is this such a good idea? Sure is!

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In Christ's love we strive to:
Accept their individuality,
Believe in their worth,
Hope for their future, and
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