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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Rebeccas Community is a Christian Community whose aim is to invest in the faith journey of young people by providing experiences of youth ministry work, christian community life and prayer.

Youth Ministry Programs

Our target age for youth ministry programs is 18 to 35 years old (retreats include senior school students).

Community Gatherings

The main objective of community gatherings is to foster friendships and a sense of community first before we go beyond our group to provide outreach services. This is important as the outreach work is very demanding, but also because we are a community first and the shared experience / values is what unites us.

Members of Rebeccas Community gather for a 'whole of community' get together every month. Typically community gatherings include one or more of the following:
 • Sharing a meal
 • Guest Speaker
 • Ongoing Training
 • Party / fun outing
 • Planning meeting
 • Awards Presentation
 • Prayer or Eucharist

Members then participate in outreach work in the community, either through opportunities provided by Rebeccas Community and or other youth ministry programs. (see: Street Outreach, Street Retreat, Schoolies Retreat, Hospitality House).

 • Links to other Catholic Youth Ministry programs.

 • Our Youth Ministry Resources and gospel reflections.


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Rebeccas Community

In Christ's love we strive to:
Accept their individuality,
Believe in their worth,
Hope for their future, and
Love them where they are.